Who We Are

Trucking4Charity was first founded in 2018 by a group of friends wantting to make a differnce. Together organizing a large charity event to raise money for well deserving causes. And here we are today in still planning our next event!

You can help this amazing cause by donating today via JustGiving!

So far we have raised for Dogs for Good Charity!

Truckfest Parking

With the great sucess of Trucking4Charity 2020, our truckfest for 2021 is massively bigger that before. We now have a whopping 37 truckfest slots so we wont have an issue with lack of space. Also for those who aren't in a VTC, Don't worry. We've catered for you too. Our truckfest layouts also include a public parking area.

Want to book your VTC into the truckfest?

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Convoy Routes

Just like in 2020, we are having 6 amazing routes to drive throughout the event. These will again be all across the map in Euro Truck Simulator 2. We also aim to include DLC areas again but of course some base game areas so everyone can be involved. For the people that love amazing scenery, you should definatly join us!

Want to take a look at all of the routes?

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Prizes & Competitions

As well as giving to the charity, we want to give back to people who attend the event and help show awareness! So, during the event there will be chances for you and friends to win yourself DLC's and Games to redeem on Steam. All you need to do to be in the chance of winning is attend the event! Also during the truckfest we will be awarding DLC's for various different things so we would definatly recommend you attend that!

Get involved with the event!

Head on over to our community discord server to stay up to date with the lastest!

Our Ambition for 2021

Awesome Support

Trucking4Charity wouldn't be possible without the help from you, our staff plus the amazing people below!